1 The signatory to the Memorandum of Association of the Society shall be the first members of the Society.
2 Any person who is a citizen of India irrespective of Caste, Colour, Religion, Language or any other denomination and who has attained the age of majority and who is agreeable to the objects, Rules and bye-laws shall be admitted as a member of the Society by the Managing Committee provided that:-
a He/She shall apply in the prescribed application form together with the admission fee and annual subscription.
b No person can claim membership as a matter of right.
3 All Persons admitted as members shall be enrolled in a Register of members with their names and address entered therein.
4 The managing committee may decline to admit any person, as a member of the Society without assigning any reason whatsoever. If a person is once admitted as a member his membership may not be terminated by the managing committee without assigning any reason whatsoever.
5 A member shall be required to pay the admission fee of Rs. 100/-and a year’s subscription of Rs.50/- for the financial year or the remaining part of such year of admission and continue to pay the Annual subscription within two months of the commencement of every succeeding financial year-(The amount of the annual subscription will be determined by a resolution of the managing committee from time to time).
6 No person who has not actually paid the subscription shall have the right to vote in any meetings of the General Body or the Managing Committee of the society.
7 A member shall cease to be a member of the society if:
a By a letter addressed to the society that he resigns form the membership.
b He is adjudged as insolvent or in or insane; conviction by any court of law for any offence involving moral turpitude or by removal by the managing committee on the ground of misconducts or conduct not conducive to or contrary to the objects of society.
c He fails to pay the debts due to the society within three months from the due date or
d He is expelled from the society in accordance with these rules and regulations.